Fiberglass Decking System- Pultruded Hollow/Open Deck Panel

Fiberglass Deck Available:

Fiberglass Deck
A(inch) B(inch) T(inch)
12 1.85 0.26
12 0.78 0.08
21.54 1.10 0.2
22.88 1.10 0.12
22.87 1.10 0.18 


Fiberglass Deck Available:

Fiberglass Deck
A(mm) B(mm) T(mm)
305 47 6.5
305 18 2
547 28 5
581 28 3
581 28 4.5


Many additional size are available.

Pultruded Decking system: includes fiberglass hollow decking and open decking. A variety of pultruded decking/panel can be offered as container floor and factory floor or other platforms. Types from 305 hollow light weight decking to 581 super heavy duty Pro decking. Unicomposite fiberglass decking system has passed ABS testing in the year of 2008.
Special design of frp deck panel is the interlock between two panels, which will make them joint tightly.
Gritty decking can be achieved when customers specify the size of grit, this kind of decking is anti slip as floor and platform.

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