Unicomposite offers lightweight, portable, and safe access scaffolding. The fiberglass scaffold has no electrical conductivity or reaction to chemicals, making fiberglass scaffolding ideal for working with exposed electricity or chemicals. Because of this, fiberglass scaffolding is safe and reliable in any job site.
Benefits of our fiberglass scaffold:
1, non-conductive
Fiberglass scaffolding’s high strength composite of materials makes this equipment ideal for electricians, electrical contractors, and electrical utility workers because our Fiberglass Scaffolding is non-conductive.
2, chemical-resistant components
Great choice for people who work in chemical plants, hospitals, computer chip manufacturing plants, and restaurants.
3, not oxidize
The materials in our fiberglass scaffolding will not oxidize like conventional aluminum scaffolding. Fiberglass scaffolding will reduce surface damage and clean up time on remodeling, interior building maintenance, drywall, and painting assignments.
4, safe highly visible color
The highly visible color helps to keep workers safe. The distinctive color which is internationally known for safety is especially important for when motorized equipment is in use.