FRP Machinery

We supply machine and production line for FRP. The main types we supplied:
Both hydraulic and caterpillar types are available. 
Pulling force from 1000kg to 50000kg!
Combining advanced machines/moulds with turn-key technology and excellent services.
Two kinds of Pultrusion line:
  Hydraulic Caterpillar

Pulwound Machines and Tooling
Pulwinding Preformer Design&manufacturing
We can not only supply full set of pulwinding production line, but also service to change your present pultrusion machines into pulwinding lines.

In addition to normal molded gratings, we also design and manufacture machines, moulds and turn-key solution according to customer requirements.
Comissioning of molded grating machine
FRP Rebar Pultrusion Line
The machine is used to produce FRP rebar with different specifications. It can finish distributing yarn, dipping glue, pre-molding, winding, heating and hardening, traction, set-length cutting and pile up automatically.
  • Slitter (mat cutter) In pultrusion factories, rolls of mats or cloth must be cut into strips of required width. This machine is slitter.
  • Compressing moulds We design and manufacture various moulds for compressing process.
  • Injection Machines and Moulds
 Products and Details
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