Agriculture & Pasture

Unicomposite is specialized in manufacturing various sizes of fiberglass rods, bars, strips to meet customers specific requirements of different applications, by using different combinations of fibers such as E-glass fiberglass, ECR glass fiberglass, carbon fiber, basalt fiber, Kevlar fiber and polymer resins such as polyester resin, Epoxy resin, Vinyl ester resin, phenolic resin and etc.
All Unicomposite’s rods, bars and strips are designed and widely used in the agriculture and planting. They can be used for Tree stakes, nursery stakes, vineyard posts, grape stakes, flower sticks for gardens, and other Horticultural or Agricultural applications.
Advantages of Unicomposite’s products for planting:
  • High strength;
  • Not rust or rot;
  • Good performance in wind, snow and rain;
  • Easy installation and free of maintenance;
  • Defense for the insect;
  • Reusable.
Applications of Tree and Plant Stakes
FRP Rods
Solid Bars
Applications in Wineyard Post and Grape Trellis
Application of Garden structure and facilities
  Our FRP profiles used in garden decoration and planting
facilities: rods, solid bars, beams and poles
Fences and posts for pasture
 Products and Details
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