Unicomposite completed the fiberglass molded grating technology transfer

4 experienced technical people in Unicomposite took 3 days to complete fiberglass molded grating production technology transfer in Sept 2013.The overall dimension of main line is 15*4.5*2.5(ft) (W*L*H), hydraulic power is 20T with 4 cylinders. And the maximum size of finished grating panel is 4*12(ft) (W*L).
Fiberglass Molded Grating Line is the machine to produce FRP gratings, also known as fiberglass mesh panels.The line is hydraulic power system, more easy and effective than traditional manual type.The whole includes mainly: Heating Circulation System,Cooling System, Demoulding System,Base and Support System,Fiberglass Roving Feeding System.The product shaping part is the main mold, it is for one size grid grating, while can produce panels in different sizes. The boiler in heating system, and also the hydraulic station can be used for more than one main mold.

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