How to choose FRP Grating


1. To determine what Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics Gratings are needed to do, that is, to define their application. For example, manufacturers of car wash yards buy Fiberglass Grilles to prepare for car wash load plate.

2. After determining the use of FRP Gratings, it is time to determine the size and specifications of the Grids used. Through the relevant introduction from the manufacturer, we can have a general understanding of the Fiberglass Gratings. For example, in the car wash yard, we can choose 2.5 cm thicknes or 3.8 cm thickness gratins. In plating equipment factories, grilles with thickness of 2.5 cm are commonly used. In sewage treatment and chemical plants, it is are often 3.8 cm thick FRP Grids.

3. After choosing the appropriate thickness of FRP Grids, the dimension of grids used should be calculated. For example, in the car wash, the size of a car wash space is mostly 1.220 m*2.440 m, while the size of FRP Grids is 1.220*3.660, which requires cutting before it can be put into use.

4. Choosing suitable raw materials to make Fiberglass Grids that meet the requirements, such as grilles used in chemical plants or sewage treatment plants, it is necessary to select resins with high corrosion resistance for production.


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