Fiberglass tree stakes


Staking has the advantage of keeping stock growing straight, with fewer defects. But rigid stakes, like bamboo or metal do not allow flexing. Unicomposite fiberglass tree stakes are flexible. Studies show that flexing may increase caliper, trunk strength (ligification), enhance root development, and speed growth. Find more at


§ Reduced Tree Defects: Keeps your stock growing straight.

§ No Staking Drawbacks: Flexibility creates "wind stress" that encourages larger caliper, faster growth, robust roots, and stronger stock.

§ Longevity: UV inhibitors, flex glass fibers, and our exclusive polyester "Diamond Veil" prevent fiberglass breakage and slivering better than any other stake.

§ Durability: Will not rust, split, freeze, rot, or crack and peel like paint.

§ Pointed Ends for easy insertion at no extra cost .

§ Economical: With fewer defects and no need to replace every year return on investment in as little as one year.

§ No Rubbing Marks: Stake moves with tree so no "rubbing" marks on trees.

§ Reduces Storm Damage

§ No Pests or Disease: Common with bamboo staking 



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