Advantages of FRP Radome

1. FRP protective cover will never deform, and its geometrical dimensions will remain stable for a long time.Therefore, the equipment will not let water in due to the deformation of the fiberglass protective cover and do not need to install more screws when assembling, so as to maintain a beautiful appearance.

2. The FRP radome itself is a formula of excellent ultraviolet absorption, aging resistance, high temperature resistance, crack resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance (the product will not change physical properties and dielectric constant when used in long-term exposure or between -50 and -100 degrees).

3. The surface of the fiberglass radome is reinforced with additives to enhance the adhesion between them, so that the surface paint will not fall off, wrinkle and maintain its color even in severe weather.

4. Excellent electrical insulation and permeability

5, FRP confinement base material is not only used the high-performance resin, also USES the high strength of alkali-free glass fiber cloth (this kind of glass fiber cloth is treated with special formula, made the product after various physical performance indicators, such as impact strength, bending strength, tensile strength, tensile modulus) slightly less carbon fiber cloth, alkali than ordinary non-alkali glass fiber cloth and cloth physical performance indicators.

6. The fiberglass antenna cover is light in weight, excellent in wave penetration (over 98%), various in shape and specification, and suitable for various harsh environments. It has been widely used in aerospace, communications, meteorology and other fields.


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