Different Top Types Of Fiberglass Gratings

There are some different top types of fiberglass pultruded gratings and molded gratings.

General type:
a. concave top: this type of top can be achieved when fiberglass gratings cured, and it's economical choice for base anti-slip requirement.
b. gritted surface: put grit/sand on the top of gratings after grinding, which will take more labor cost.
c. smooth surface finish: this type of top looks smooth and beautiful after polishing, but it's not anti-slip.
Cover type: this type of top is generally used in places where have special requirements on holes, especially anti liquid leakage.
a. cover with smooth surface finish: the type of cover is easy to clean dust.
b. quartz sand surface cover: sand surface cover is best choice for skid resistance requirement.
c. the pattern cover: pattern cover gratings skid resistance performance is slightly worse than gritted cover, but it looks more beautiful.
When we purchase fiberglass pultruded and molded grating, how can we tell the quality of gratings? We can observe whether the surface finish of grating is smooth and beautiful and whether fiberglass gratings have even color. There may be some air bubbles on the gratings and obvious cracks.
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