Pultrusion Mould Types And Tips From Unicomposite

Professional design, research and development, production and sales of all kinds of various types of FRP pultrusion mould, with advanced equipment and more than 18 years of production experience,mold selection of high quality steel, which isexcellent in pultrusion mould release production performance and has long service life.

Pultruded mould includes fiberglass tube mould, fiberglass I-beam pultruded mould, angle pultruded mould, preforming system and clamping equipment which are suitable to be used on 5~50T FRP pultrusion equipment and provide free equipment debugging services.
Some factors may affect service life of mould, such as the choice of material, maintenance, tempering heat treatment and mould design. The mould deformation, cavity surface roughness ra0.1, surface Rockwell hardness of 56-62, linear degree 0.03.
FRP pultruded mould choice tips:
For the FRP pultruded mould, mould material selection directly affects the performance of mould, especially the pultruded frame section, because the pultrusion profiles market prospects and high demand, which requires the service life of the mold itself to a particularly long, so the selection of mould material has the following properties:
1. High strength, fatigue resistance and wear resistance
2. High heat resistance and low thermal deformation
3. Good corrosion resistance
4. Good Cutting and surface polishing properties
5. Little heat distortion and good dimensional stability

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