Auxiliary Material Filler And Release Agent In FRP Pultrusion Process


The filler can reduce the FRP pultrusion equipment product shrinkage, improve product size stability, surface roughness, smoothness and flatness. It also adjust resin viscosity, and can meet different performance requirements, to improve the conductivity and thermal conductivity, wear resistance, etc. Most of the filler can improve the impact strength and compressive strength of fiberglass pultruded profiles. But it can't improve the tensile strength. The filler also can improve the coloring effect of pigments, some filler has excellent light stability and resistance to chemical corrosion and reduce cost. Selection of filler particle size had better have a gradient in order to achieve the best effect. 
Release agent:
Release agent has extremely low surface energy,it can evenly wet the surface of mould to reach demoulding effect. Demoulding effect is the main condition to ensure excellent FRP pultrusion equipment pultrusion process going on smoothly. Earlier release agent people used in pultrusion process was outside release agent, commonly used silicone oil. But the amount is very large and the surface quality of products is not good. Now we use internal release agent, which is directly added to the resin, under certain processing conditions of temperature, diffusion from the matrix resin exuded into the curing product surface, forming a layer of isolation membrane between the mold and product to reach demoulding effect. The release agent are generally phosphate, phosphoric acid, stearic acid salt eggs, triethanolamine oil etc. In the pultrusion production, people usually prefer to use the liquid internal release agent in the normal temperature.

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