Surface Mat, Continuouse Mat And Knitted Mat In Pultrusion

Surface mat has good air permeability of the resin rapid penetration, the complete elimination of the bubble phenomenon and white stains, it's suitable for products and mould surface of any complex shape, can conceal Gyrosigma, improve surface finish and anti permeability, and enhance the interlaminar shear strength and surface toughness the products, improve the corrosion resistance andweather resistance. It iss the essential supplies to manufacture high quality fiberglass pultruded and handlay-up products. Good corrosion resistance, is not affected by weather changes; surface finish; resin flow can be controlled; conducive to the fiber mat laid; wear resistance.

Continuous mat has high mechanical properties,good insulation properties, good corrosion resisting performance, good temperature resistance and excellent properties.
Alkali free fiberglass stitched/knitted mat is made of roving or cloth as base material according to certain direction arrangement (also can not base material), compounded with a layer of uniform tile foberglass precursor, and then stitched into the organic fiber. Knitted mat performance: good uniformity, high wet tensile strength in pultruded profiles. The multi-directional characteristics and organic weaving direction and felt, the surface porous, soak a good. Fiber structure with design. Not easy to generate deformation and displacement, can keepthe best mechanical properties.
It's mainly suitable for the FRP pultrusion molding, injection molding, hand lay up molding, and filament winding process. The main products of wind turbine blades, glass steel hull,pultrusion type pipe and other products.

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