Polyurethane Pultrusion Introduction

Manufacturers have used the pultrusion process for manufacturing composite products for decades. Resin in pultrusion process traditionally can be divided to polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy resin. The use of polyurethane resin pultrusion is a newly developed technology, Germany Bayer Material Sciences Corp is vigorously promoting the development of this technology, and has contributed to the number of polyurethane pultruded products successfully listed.

New type of two-component polyurethane pultrusion is using a patented method topolyol and a highly reactive isocyanate mixture formation. Isocyanate is optimized for pultrusion characteristics of choice, its characteristics are: low viscosity (to ensure goodimpregnated fiber), gel time is long (easy to start and stop), polymerization (rapidly improve the forming speed), good surface finish and cost competitive. Compared with other materials,with polyurethane pultrusion can produce many kinds of benefit. It can increase the glass fiber content in the product and make the product strength greatly improved. For example, pultrusion window frames made of glass fiber and polyurethane resin, the trength is eight times higher than PVC window, its electrical conductivity is 40 times lower than aluminum, so the insulation performance much better. At the same time, because of the smaller brittleness of polyurethane pultruded window frames, they won't crack and durable.


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