Fiberglass Hand lay-up Molding Product Design Tips

There are many design tips during desgining pultruded and handlay-up products, today we'll talk about fiberglass handlay-up products. Hand lay-up products shape may change because of resin curing shrinkage, and the reasons are complex, it is difficult to give a quantitative explanation. It includes the selection of raw materials, the reasons of forming process control (such as the dosage of curing agent and curing temperature, also have the product shape, layer composition, laminate thicknesschanges, coating layer thickness the corner radius, and the reinforcing material, thematerial and configuration and other reasons, these are the important cause of design. Therefore, we must take full consideration of problems when we design products.

1.The plane may be cattle deformation, we should select cross section shape to improve the two moment of inertia.
2. The corner radius is as large as possible, more uniform wall thickness.
3. Plane to the box product and connected by edges and corners, edges and corners ofshrinkage stress to concave, slightly a bit radian design is effective.
4. The thickness of rapidly changing parts easy to cause stress concentration, we should make the wall thickness changes smoothly.
5. The demoulding taper had better be more than 3°.
6. Dimension accuracy of the wall thickness can't be given, but the high technical workers can put a layer of felt equal to the thickness accurately done.Design to calculate the standard thickness of different grades of felt. Must also be markedwith multilayer composition together.
7. The products of the foot ten accuracy to mold surface as a benchmark to represent.

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