FRP Pultrusion Process Parameters

There are eight processes in FRP pultrusion moulding process: spinning and twisting, prepreg,heating, and the size of the calibration measurement of solidification, cooling, drawing and cutting. Usually, each process has a can be adjusted within a certain range of the process parameters. These parameters, some can be directly adjusted by pultrusion equipment,such as the die temperature, pulling speed etc. But some other process parameters, such as pultrusion products, resin temperature stress condition, such as viscosity, it can not be directly adjusted by the equipment.

Obviously, all of the pultrusion process parameters will be on quality of pultruded products, including mechanical properties and optical properties, have a certain impact. The main process of which, is pre impregnated, molding and curing processes three. It must be pointed out that,process parameters of a process, will have a certain impact on the other process, such asdrawing speed, will have a certain impact on the three main processes.

The pultrusion process parameters of the outcome of the interaction, so it is not possible to establish a set of feasible process model, in order to achieve the purpose of pultruded products the predetermined quality target.

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