Fiberglass Pultruded Reinforced Plastic Strength Core For Fiber Optic Cables

Below are some technical characteristics of FRP reinforced plastic core for optic cables:
1. It's made of fiberglass roving and resin,and they are non metal materials. The product is not sensitive to shock, so it is suitable to be used in rainy area.
2. The FRP reinforced core cable can be used close to the power line and the power supply device is installed, the induced current won't be affected by power line interference or power generated by the device.
3. Compared to the metal core, FRP material does not produce and the influence of optical fiber transmission index gas generated by the chemical reaction of metal and ointment.
4. Fiberglass pultruded core has the characteristics of high tensile strength and light weight compared with the metal core.
5.FRP reinfroced core sfor optic cables are anti teeth bite and anti termite.
General diameters of fiberglass reinforced core for optic cables are 1.5mm~3.0mm,such as: 1.5mm,1.6mm,1.7mm,2.5mm,3.0mm, and standard length is from 20.0km to 50.0km. Carbon fiber reinforced core for optic cables also can be offered at request to improve the strength of products.If clients have special requirement on strength.

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