FRP Light Pole Development And Types

We've talked about FRP light pole characteristics yesterday, today we'll discuss why fiberglass light pole hasn't been widely used in Asia and what the development of fiberglass pultruded light pole market will be.

At present, street lamps pole material in most area of Asia is steel, the main reason is the steel light pole production technology is not very high, so there are many steel street light pole manufacturers. And there are not many FRP light pole promotion, just a few people understand the development and advantages of the fiberglass pultruded light pole. Therefore, most people continue their habit of using steel pole. 
The international information becomes more and more wide circulation makes the excellent properties of FRP materials has gradually been understood with the use of FRP production of the lamp post processing technology has changed rapidly to be mature and cost is much less. 
The fiberglass light pole standards have been quite optimized through the long term experience in Europe and the United States, even in the Middle East region also has a large number of adopted FRP as pole street lamp design.
Different shapes of fiberglass pultruded light pole includes tapered pole and straight pole. Besides composite light pole, LED lantern and solar panel also can be offered at customer's request. Then length of light pole has been introduced in earlier article.

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