Fiberglass Tubes Types

Fiberglass tube is made of glass fiber and thermosetting resin after special processing technology processing. Because of special properties which metal products don't have, FRP tubes have been recognized in many industries, more and more applications in many industries, now we'll talk about pultruded FRP tube.

1. According to the production process, the FRP tube can be divided into pultruded tube, pulwinding tube fand filament winding tube. Filament winding tube is widely used in the pipeline, the utility model has the advantages of high transverse strength, the disadvantage is the longitudinal strength is not very good. We can produce thin wall tube, the disadvantage is the low production efficiency, the procedures, the use of a large quantity, quality and stability coefficient is low. Pultrusion process - production process is relatively simple, strong in longitudinal horizontal, and can add the enhancement layer, thereby increasing transverse strength, surface smooth,continuous production, the product can be customized according to customer demand for production. The production efficiency is high, the disadvantage is the large size of the product production of difficulty, high requirements for the machine, process, too thin wall tube production is not very easy.

2. According to the shape, the FRP tube is mainly circular pipe, and the fiberglass pultruded square tube, rectangular tube, various special shaped tube and other products, and it can be customized according to customer requirements of variouscross sections of the fiberglass tube.

3. According to the raw materials, there are polyester resin,  corrosion resistant vinyl ester resin, and epoxy, phenolic,made of polyurethane raw materials such as fiberglass tube, using different materials endowed with physical, mechanical and chemical properties of different fiberglass tube. They can be made according to the customer's request.

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