Fiberglass Pultruded Power Pole Development And Charicteristics

Power poles we can see usually conrete and steel materials, which are exposed to various defects in the long run. For example, heavy weight, perishable, corrosion or cracks and other defects, the service life is short, and the construction of transportation and operation and maintenance difficult, so there are various security risks. 

To resolve those problems, we have produced a new power pole (FRP pultruded power pole), it can be very good to achieve light weight, corrosion resistance and insulation characteristics to avoid the above problems. It is a good substitute for reinforced concrete pole and steel pole. High quality resin and alkali free glass fiber as the main raw material, they are pultruded through a moulding by using self-developed patented technology under high temperature and high pressure. Fiber content of the product is high and the force direction and high orientation, good compactness, so the strength, stiffness, fatigue and impact properties are compared with similar productshas been greatly improved. Molding process is fully optimized, its price is also more in line with the needs of the market. 
Their characteristics are: 1. Light weight. The weight of fiberglass pultruded composite power pole is only 1/10 of the same type concrete pole, can well solve the problem of transportation and installation. 2. Good fatigue resistance, impact performance. 3. Good corrosion resistance, maintenance free. 4. Good insulation through wave. 5. Smooth and beautiful appearance. The composite pole we provide is a conical hollow pipe, section is round or polygon, the top is capping. Fiberglass pultruded power pole can be buried, but also can be installed on a concrete foundation through the flange connection and can be used in different environment.

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