Fiberglass Pultruded Light Pole Application And Charicteristics

There are two types of fiberglass light pole, directly buried and anchored. The buried light pole includes the straight rod type, single bent arm type and double bent arm type. Anchor type includes fiberglass base straight type, fiberglass base single bent arm type, base double bent arm type and the base straight rod type. Fiberglass pultruded light pole production can directly add color to pigment, so the color fastness is very high, not as metal poles above lacquer way, because long-term exposure and spalling, and it can be used for longer time.

According to the comparison strength of materials, there is no much difference between the material properties of steel and fiberglass. Fiberglass pultruded lamp post has the strong mechanical characteristics. Europe and United States have more than 50 years experience of using fiberglass light pole, the applicability of the FRP material pole strength has been confirmed, with different strength design capable of resisting strong wind.
The FRP pole itself has a better recovery of the force that is elastic, vibration damping effect. Therefore, pultruded pole can resolve shock damage caused by moving vehicle in order to make the parts have long service life of lamps and lanterns.
Non conductive properties of FRP light pole can prevent personnel from electric shock casualties, but because of the conductive charicteristic of metal poles, to avoid electric shock accident, we must take grounding measures, and conduct regular measurement of grounding resistance. The grounding resistance is too large, accident occurred many times due to leakage caused by personnel of electric shock, therefore FRP pole has functions of anti electric shock and safety.

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