Fiberglass High Pressure Pipe Of Unicomposite

We've introduced standard fiberglass pultruded profiles in the earlier articles, however, if the project has high requirement on the pressure, what we can do to reach that tubes, filament winding tube? Now we'll talk about Unicomposite fiberglass high pressure pipe.

As we all know, the pultruded tube has high strength at axial direction, but the horizontal strength is not as good as pultruded pipe. So the high pressure pipe is not only pultruded pole, we combine the technology of pultrusion and winding. Generally, the colors of hight pressure pipe are white and black. The diameter can be reached from small to large at your request. 
Our customers have very high inner pressure when delivery special liquid, so 3.0Mpa, 5.0Mpa and 8.0Mpa fiberglass high pressure pipe had been offered by Unicomposite factory after the detailed calculation and test. General length of pipe is 7ft, 8ft, 10ft, 15ft, 20ft and 30ft, and they can be cut to be any length you need.
Fiberglass reinforced plastic high pressure pipe is generally used for oil production technology, such as  high pressure water injection, tubing and casing in pipe lines, including petroleum and chemical industry high pressure pipe. It can also be used to replace the existing oil pipe, a water injection pipe, casing and other fields. So the resistance of FRP high pressure pipe corrosion and long service life have broad market prospect in Oilfield pipe network.
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