Fiberglass Grating

Different sizes of fiberglass grating have different use

Or FRP gratings, the English abbreviation of FRP, he USES the unsaturated resin, non-alkali cloth, filler aluminum powder processed enhanced grid plate, due to come from the mold production of FRP gratings, mould different led to glass fiber reinforced plastic grille size is different, so as to adapt to different situations need to glass fiber reinforced plastic grille, cost savings, reduce unnecessary waste.

General specification is 38 * 38 * 25 mm, 38 * 38 * 30 mm, 38 * 38 * 38 mm, special specifications have 19 * * 30 mm, and 50 mm thick glass fiber reinforced plastic grille, the board size is 1.22 * 1.22 m, 1.22 * 1.22 m, 1 * 3 m, 1 m * 4 m, mold, the more products more rich, so as to increase the manufacturer's cost.

A mould cost about also have big tens of thousands of pieces.

First, 38 * 38 * 25 mm grille, 38 * 38 is the size of the grid size, 25 mm thick is the thickness of the grille, also known as the height, so on other specifications, the specifications of the grating bearing capacity about 3 tons, can be used in general drains, workshop, the pedestrian corridor, urban road greening trees in engineering;

38 * 38 * 30 mm about this specification for bearing 3-4 tons, also applies to the workshop, the pedestrian corridor, road, urban greening, gutter drain cover plate, is not applicable to motor vehicle than places;

38 * 38 * 38 mm specifications of the grille is mainly used for car washes, 4 s shop, sewage treatment plant cover, aeration tank cover, chemical plants, bearing is about 4 tons, bearing strength are larger, these places are corrosive high place, the thickness of the need.

But can also choose to 50 mm thick grille, the grille to much higher costs, some not cost-effective, some particular occasions, of course, also must use the specifications of the grille.


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