Winter brings not only Santa Claus with his presents, but also annoying snow every year, which need to be removed to clear up the path in front of your villa till your garage gate.

Plow Truck Driver does not know how many hard work you have done for your garden, all the grass and flowers in the summer you planted one by one, watered them every day. They don’t even notice the beautiful wooden mail box you customized and paint purely by hand in so many weekend afternoons. All these beautiful things could be destroyed in one snow removal by plow truck driver.

It is then critical for you to buy our Snow Stakes/Driveway Marker to protect your summer hard work!

Fiberglass Driveway Marker has many advantages over traditional markers such as wood and steel. Wood Marker can’t last long, steel marker is too easy to bend.

But due to the unique features of fiberglass material, our fiberglass are

  1. hight strength light weight
  2. you can bend it 180 degree and it recover
  3.  Never rust
  4. Never corrode

It will protect your property till Santa Claus comes.