Unicomposite, an ISO certificated professional pultrusion manufacturer, has its own factory to produce various FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic), also called as fiberglass extrusion products and custom composite parts in China.

With experienced production lines, Unicomposite now serves customers with the pultrusion process, such as for standard pultruded fiberglass profiles and custom fiberglass fabrication, which are widely used in electricity, landscaping, waste water treatment, cooling tower construction, agriculture, aquaculture, marine, etc. And also other forming like Pulwound, SMC/BMC and handlay-up products according to the custom request.

Regarding different advantage of customer service, products and fields category now involved as following:
   1. Multi-purpose fiberglass pultruded standard profiles such as fiberglass rod, fiberlgass grating, construction profiles with resin-Matrix system of polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy for various properties request;
   2. Custom made pulwinding products which calls heavy duties on pressure or strength, as higher-pressure composite pipe or fiberglass pipe drive shaft;
   3. Fiberglass composite lighting pole such as garden light poles, fiberglass street light poles;
   4. FRP window profiles and door frame for residential house, refrigerator storage/transport car, fire doors;                               
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