• 2019-02-28 10:46:47
    This week our engineers made process improvements and innovations on the FRP pultrusion tube. With this improvement, some of our FRP tubes can already bear a pressure 2 times of the original ,and also can bear a weight 2 times of the origin……[more]
  • 2019-02-25 08:29:33
    After a long relaxing CNY, Unicomposite comes to extremely busy shipment just after Spring Festival. Delivered products cover frp stakes, all kinds of fiberglass cable trays, lighting poles and custom profiles for construction etc. No matte……[more]
  • 2019-02-23 20:48:28
    Unicomposite, as leading manufacturer and supplier of frp standard and custom profiles, has been exporting to international world market since 2000. Its market covers USA, Canada, UK and France etc. Fiberglass materials structures are widel……[more]
  • 2019-02-15 16:58:36
    Current market and application of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites l Transportation: 32% l Construction: 21% l Corrosion-resistant equipment : 12% l Electrical/electronic: 11.5% l Marine:11% l Consumer production: 6.5% l Others Opportuni……[more]
  • 2019-01-31 10:13:39
    Fiberglass frames are essentially composed of glass fibers and resin, materials that expand and contract very little with temperature changes in the weather. Until recently, the complex profiles required for window designs have been impossi……[more]
  • 2019-01-28 17:44:25
    Composites are materials formed from a mixture of two or more components to produce a material with properties or characteristics superior to those of the individual materials. Most composites are formed of two phases: Matrix and Reinforcem……[more]
  • 2019-01-22 09:33:06
    Staking has the advantage of keeping stock growing straight, with fewer defects. But rigid stakes, like bamboo or metal do not allow flexing. Unicomposite fiberglass tree stakes are flexible. Studies show that flexing may increase caliper,……[more]
  • 2019-01-21 08:34:53
    Appearance flexibility An extremely wide range of textures, shapes, and colors is achievable when manufacturing parts or building components with FRP materials . Various combinations of pigments, fine aggregates, and durable metallic powder……[more]
  • 2019-01-07 13:11:18
    FRP composite sheet piling has been specially designed as an alternative to rival conventional steel sheet piling. A composite is a structural material, consisting of two or more constituents that are combined at a macroscopic level and are……[more]
  • 2018-12-26 11:21:16
    Fiberglass rods are made with flexibility that appears to be round commonly used as framing of structures like in greenhouses. It also provides both industrial and recreational purposes for it can be used in kite frames and flag whips. s in……[more]