• 2015-01-29 08:56:09
    Power poles we can see usually conrete and steel materials, which are exposed to various defects in the long run. For example, heavy weight, perishable, corrosion or cracks and other defects, the service life is short, and the construction of transpor……[more]
  • 2015-01-28 09:03:14
    Fiberglass tube is made of glass fiber and thermosetting resin after special processing technology processing. Because of special properties which metal products don't have, FRP tubes have been recognized in many industries, more and more applications……[more]
  • 2015-01-27 08:58:13
    There are some different top types of fiberglass pultruded gratings and molded gratings,general type and cover type.……[more]
  • 2015-01-26 08:47:23
    Hand lay-up products shape may change because of resin curing shrinkage, and the reasons are complex, it is difficult to give a quantitative explanation.Therefore, we must take full consideration of problems when we design products.……[more]
  • 2015-01-25 08:41:34
    There are different technology to produce fiberglass products, pultrusion, pulwinding, filament winding, SMC/BMC and hand lay-up. Most of Unicomposite composite products are pultruded profiles, today we'll introduce hand lay-up products production pro……[more]
  • 2015-01-24 18:48:07
    Surface mat has good air permeability of the resin rapid penetration, the complete elimination of the bubble phenomenon and white stains, it's suitable for products and mould surface of any complex shape.Continuous mat has high mechanical properties,g……[more]
  • 2015-01-23 08:48:48
    Professional design, research and development, production and sales of all kinds of various types of FRP pultrusion mould, with advanced equipment and more than 18 years of production experience,mold selection of high quality steel, which isexcellent ……[more]
  • 2015-01-22 08:34:25
    We've talked about FRP light pole characteristics yesterday, today we'll discuss why fiberglass light pole hasn't been widely used in Asia and what the development of fiberglass pultruded light pole market will be.……[more]
  • 2015-01-21 09:52:02
    There are two types of fiberglass light pole, directly buried and anchored. The buried light pole includes the straight rod type, single bent arm type and double bent arm type.The FRP pole itself has a better recovery of the force that is elastic, vib……[more]
  • 2015-01-20 08:49:52
    We've introduced standard fiberglass pultruded profiles in the earlier articles, however, if the project has high requirement on the pressure, what we can do to reach that tubes, filament winding tube? Now we'll talk about Unicomposite fiberglass high……[more]