• 2015-04-19 13:13:45
    Fiberglass gratings delivery is usually long, in order to prevent bumps on the road and leading to the board damage, so i loading before grid board held on package. Fiberglass pultruded and molded gratings package 1. Wooden pallet should be made to ……[more]
  • 2015-04-17 16:52:50
    Fiberglass pultruded caterpillar production line is controlled by PLC, and it combines continuous traction and automatic cutting of pultruded profiles automated configuration. The production line is composed of the roving creel, dipping and pre formin……[more]
  • 2015-04-16 16:52:22
    Fiberglass cover is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, it has absolute advantage to occupy the first position. Although the strength of the pultruded or hand lay-up cover is less than that of metal cover, its corrosion resistant performance is ex……[more]
  • 2015-04-15 16:03:23
    Fiberglass pultruded corrugated sheet is fibreglass reinfored polyester material, it also can be called Glassfibre Reinfored Polyester (GRP). With light weight and high strength, light transmittance characteristics of high resistance, flame retardant……[more]
  • 2015-04-14 20:11:47
    Anti-skid: Crescent concave nature of the surface of the product, the surface can also be sanded so that the anti-skid performance is better, avoid to cause accident when operating slide. At the same time, we can provide flat surface pattern. No mag……[more]
  • 2015-04-13 17:26:22
    The characteristics of fiberglass fence with pultruded tubes: FRP fence surface is coated with a layer of anti aging material, long service life, maintenance free, corrosion resistance and excellent insulating performance, beautifyl appearance, light……[more]
  • 2015-04-12 12:42:20
    Good dimensional stability: thermosetting resin matrix of heating effect of cross linking network structure in the pultrusion process of forming the shape, its product size is normal stable, and the shrinkage after forming is small. Fiberglass pultrud……[more]
  • 2015-04-11 12:06:55
    Fiberglass pultruded profiles have excellent electrical properties: Composite material is excellent in electrical insulating materials for products, mica filler prepared its electrical performance is more excellent, can be used for the manufacture of ……[more]
  • 2015-04-10 20:54:28
    Fiberglass pultruded sheet tile has been widely applied in many fields of lighting in industrial factory, warehouse, station, wharf, greenhouse, airports, sports buildings, commercial buildings, steel structure,etc. In recent years, green building ……[more]
  • 2015-04-09 20:32:27
    Application Fiberglass Cover: Fiberglass cover is mainly used for laying underground walkways, power plants, sewage treatment plants, and more aisle stairs. Fiberglass pultruded plate or hand lay-up cover with corrosion retardant, strong antiskid, l……[more]