• 2016-02-13 15:22:14
    According to its structure, pultruded punsaturated polyester resin can be divided into phthalic type, isophthalic type, terephthalic type, bisphenol A type, vinyl ester type, etc. According to its performance, it can be divided into general-purpose……[more]
  • 2016-02-08 08:26:41
    FRP grating/fiberglass gratings/GFRP grating(Glass fiber reinforced plastic grating)is widely used for construction, as cover, deck or other decoration products. Then it may call different surface finishing. In general, surface finishing of mol……[more]
  • 2016-02-04 16:22:34
    Besides main pultrusion line, there are important accesory equipment during pultrusion process. Below is brief introduction. 1.Batching tools In order to ensure a continuous and stable production, the preparation of rubber compound should be acc……[more]
  • 2016-02-01 18:54:02
    FRP grating/GFRP grating(Glass fiber reinforced plastic grating) with anti-slip surface,is generally able to reduce the slip accident. And then it is widely used for many applications. There are 2 types of anti-slip surface. One type is that ……[more]
  • 2016-01-29 09:09:58
    As we all know, there are fiberglass pultruded gratings and fiberglass molded gratings, but how to divid gratings by the shape? Generally speaking, fiberglass grating can be divided to four categories, the most important is divide according to product……[more]
  • 2016-01-25 15:53:28
    Not only the glass fiber and the resin are the two important parts to affect the quality on the fiberglass water tank, but also the interface is very important. They are very closed and inseparable. 1. Synthetic resin is base material which can deci……[more]
  • 2016-01-21 08:50:06
    SMC product is composed of unsaturated polyester resin and quantitative auxiliary materials such as thickeners, fillers, curing agents, accelerators, etc.SMC product is made using tablet machine in form of sheet.SMC product has some insulating propert……[more]
  • 2016-01-16 16:13:09
    Glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tank is a kind of fiberglass reinforced plastic products. It mainly uses glass fiber as the reinforcing agent, and the resin is a new kind of composite material which is manufactured by the microcomputer control……[more]
  • 2016-01-12 15:27:38
    Fiberglass laminated molding process is a kind of molding method to produce composite products by setting impregnated fabric which is cut and folded according to the shape and size of product between two polished metal molds. It is early in the develo……[more]
  • 2016-01-08 16:44:25
    Today we introduce FRP mould manufacturing factors. Firstly, Manufacturing tooling conditions 1. Environmental temperature: It should always keep the same environment temperature in the whole process of manufacturing male and female mold, that……[more]