• 2016-07-26 11:01:55
    When use FRP pultrusion equipment need to be pay attention to The following is FRP pultrusion configuration using carefully points: 1, environmental conditions, temperature in the manufacturing of the male die and female die process as a whole s……[more]
  • 2016-07-20 08:42:39
    Why FRP Profiles Are Corrosion Resistance? Fiberglass pultruded products performance of corrosion resistance is because of it s raw materials, now we will introduce the main factor-----resin. The resin corrosion resistance performance diffe……[more]
  • 2016-07-15 01:11:16
    FRP Gratings Property FRP grating is a kind of panel product which is using glass fiber as reinforcing material, unsaturated polyester resin as matrix, after special processing compound and a with many of the gaps of the plate material, and i……[more]
  • 2016-07-11 23:04:48
    Update the fiberglass SMC moulded parts, glass fiber reinforced plastic cable support A, structure and performance Synthetic resin as binder, made of glass fiber and its products as reinforced material and composite material, known as the glass fi……[more]
  • 2016-07-07 23:31:28
    How much do you know about FRP production line Characteristics of FRP production line: for small section, hollow profile design, stable and reliable operation, energy saving effect is remarkable. Unique mold frame design, the production process can ……[more]
  • 2016-07-04 23:49:39
    FRP pultrusion profile they are all kinds of FRP pipe,FRP rectangular pipe,FRP rods,FRP i-beam etc. The elementary element of the FRP pultrusion profiles for resin and glass fiber (including cloth, carpets, etc.), it was based on the fiber……[more]
  • 2016-07-01 09:39:56
    Fiberglass products hasmore than 60yearsofhistory,fromthesimplefiberglass handlay-up productiondevelopmentto computercontroloperation. There is a wide variety of productperformance,and appears ineverycornerofourlife. For theglobalresearchtr……[more]
  • 2016-06-28 10:14:07
    Factory direct sale product advantages of FRP handrails Fiber Reinforce Plastic handrails are widely used in municipal engineering, transportation, community, ports, airports, the maintenance of storage areas, such products are becoming more and mo……[more]
  • 2016-06-21 09:10:41
    Carbon fiber material have many advantages compared with other materials , such as super light, super, wear, environmental protection, LOHO carbon fiber glasses compared with traditional glasses also have great advantage: Nose and relieve the pressu……[more]
  • 2016-06-17 08:48:17
    Carbon fiber explore new pattern of the optical industry Carbon fiber (fiber Carbon) is a kind of high strength and high modulus fiber polymer material with carbon content more than 90%. In Twentieth Century early 60's, first commercially available c……[more]